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About Us

Pagoh RockFrom nature to your home, AquaTerra offers the most realistic natural habitat backgrounds in the industry today. AquaTerra backgrounds are a unique new concept in aquarium and terrarium decoration. Until now, decor of this caliber has only been seen in public aquariums and zoos, but now AquaTerra makes it available to hobbyists around the world. We are dedicated in designing naturalistic habitats that will turn your tank into a snapshot from nature. Our goal was to create something that looked so real, people would be absolutely captivated by its beauty.

In our efforts to capture the most realistic designs from nature, AquaTerra draws it's inspiration from all corners of the globe, traveling deep into the jungle and tropical rain forest in search of the perfect setting to model.

Kahang Tree With the help of herpetologists, aquarium curators, exhibit designers and hobbyists, we have drawn upon their expertise in designing a naturalistic looking, durable, and practical background that can be suitable to many applications.